If dating roles were reversed 100 sexual dating sites


In fact, Eve’s name meant “life.” If we use God’s Word as our standard, there’s no escaping that the roles of wife and mother were the two primary purposes woman was created. And I don’t mind wondering aloud—right along with Nancy and Dannah—now that you know your mission, will you choose to accept it?As we will learn tomorrow by examining Proverbs 31, the Bible doesn’t say that being a wife and mother are our purpose. “You do have the freedom to choose to live out God’s designed role for you and the adventure, romance, love, and blessings that come with it.(More on serving God as a single woman next week.) But there’s more.


Others think that working post-babies equals being a bad mom. “For more than fifty years, our whole culture has been brainwashed with a concept of what it means to be female that is contrary to God’s Word.

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