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“[I didn’t talk about it] with the press, because I thought it was a privacy issue…” As a teenager, Michael Stipe took an interest in punk rock acts like Patti Smith, Television, and Wire. The two boys begin playing music together as teenagers. Michael Stipe and Peter Buck shared a common interest in punk rock. Pale and serious young men deploying portable synthesiser keyboards are the vogue of the day. Alternative rock is sometimes called college rock because its largest audience is amongst U. They have little interest in courting mass appeal, seeking only to earn sufficient funds to allow them to continue.

on 24 August 1982, ‘Chronic Town’ is a five-track EP consisting of ‘Wolves, Lower’, ‘Gardening At Night’, ‘Carnival Of Souls (Box Cars)’, ‘1,000,000’ and ‘Stumble’. The EP’s title comes from its best track, ‘Carnival Of Souls (Box Cars)’: “Chronic town / Poster torn / Reaping wheel.” Michael Stipe’s cryptic lyrics bear out “a secret stigma” that he also refers to in the same piece. are “confident enough to be quietly arrogant about our talents.” Mike Mills has a relationship with Nadine Aldrich from 1982 to 1984. Peter Buck’s incisive guitar colours the dense psychodrama of ‘Driver 8’.

are directly expressing romantic sentiments for the first time.

They sign with a major label, Warner Brothers, but only after securing an ‘assurance of total creative freedom.’ ‘Green’ (1988) (US no.

]” line seems to be the biggest hints beyond the title.

Peter Buck is less certain: “I still don’t know what the f*** it’s about.” Its military motif and “We are agents of the free [world?

Additionally, on any given individual song, one member or another of R.


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